004 | On The Way

Whew! Thanks to my husband, I have a new iPhone on the way! It should be arriving tomorrow, and I’m so happy. This time without a phone… I’m not about that life!

I went through so many emotions yesterday! The first claim with Squaretrade was rejected. The second claim was approved, but they told me that I had to go to an Apple Store and pay for a replacement first. I was going out of my mind! The closest Apple Store is two hours away! I wouldn’t be able to make that drive until Saturday, because… Work!

So, my husband… Who hates seeing me in my overly emotional state… Decided to call himself. And what happens, he gets a phone shipped overnight with no questions asked. I guess some of us have that touch, and others don’t.

Either way, I’m not going to act like a spoiled brat, because I really don’t want a gold iPhone… I’ll be grateful for my replacement.

One thought on “004 | On The Way

  1. Life without my iphone… no that’s a horrible thought not worth even thinking about. Very sweet of your husband to get it all sorted, must be nice to have the magic touch

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