New Year, Different Perspective

7:25pm. I’m out of coffee, and I have been sitting at my computer all day.

It’s a new year, and I decided to quit the whole new year, new me thing. Truth is… It doesn’t work for me. Ever. Instead, I decided to just make moves. Because… Why not?

New Year Goals

This year’s goals include:

  • promoting my photography business that has been open since 2014.
  • get back into blogging on a regular basis.
  • keep my grades up, and keep myself motivated about school.
  • take a vacation.
  • adopt a healthier lifestyle.

It’s mid-January, and I’ve already started working towards half of my goals. I’ve been working out and eating better. I’ve been completing all of my homework assignments on time. I booked a five-day cruise to the Bahamas for my family. I had my first successful photography session of the year. And, I’ve launched my first photography promotion.

I also had time to put together websites for J’s business and my own. Terin Selena Photography finally has a fully functional website and shop. My Facebook and Instagram pages are active, and I am so relieved!

I’m excited about 2017. I finally realized that no one can make my dreams come true, except me. I have to live for myself, first. Only thing that I’m mad about, is how long it took me to figure this out.

It’s going to be a great year!


2 thoughts on “New Year, Different Perspective

  1. I’ve noticed that when people set goals instead of making resolutions, they do way better at achieving their goals.

    I have made so many changes to my life in the last few years that I hardly recognize myself. Not that I’m complaining or that it’s a bad thing. It’s a really good thing. I’m finally starting to live for me.

    Your goals tell me that you’re doing the same thing. It’s good that you’re achieving them!

  2. Go girl! Keep up the momentum. Blessing to you and everything you want to accomplish.

    I’m glad to see you back in the blogging world.

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