Mirror Mirror

Today’s #30Layers30Days prompt is Mirror Mirror.

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Compliment yourself on your least favorite physical feature. Find the beauty in it and describe it.

I would like to compliment myself on my body. I don’t care for my body because of the problems I have with acne and this “baby fat”. I know it’s not that bad; but when I look in the mirror, it’s all I see.

Truth is, there’s an understated beauty here. I love my eyes. I think they are the windows to my soul, and they say a lot about my true character. They are always bright and filled with joy and love. I definitely smile with my eyes.

I also love my smile. This smile has brightened many days for friends and strangers. It’s what makes me approachable. I have the illusion of always being happy. …And my teeth are pretty1!

I love like my weight. I struggled with gaining weight for the majority of my life. I’m content at 130 pounds. And it’s lovable weight gain, too2! It’s mostly in my midsection, but I have a lil’ booty going on…and HIPS!! After I hit up those ab workouts3, I feel like I’ll love my body even more.

What I’m realizing about these things is that they are petty. They can all be changed, but I have to be willing to put in the effort to change them.

  1. At least I get that a lot… []
  2. At least the man loves most of it []
  3. on my terms, and my terms only []

One thought on “Mirror Mirror

  1. I love your smile. I think that you are very attractive, your body is to die for, and you are a great mom. Two snaps!

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