Happy Birthday, Munchkins!

Birthday time!

It has been a fun filled week with my babies! We started on Wednesday with a mini photo session for the two of them. I got a chance to test out my new lens, as well as get some updated photos of them.

On Thursday, I surprised JJ and his classmates with cupcakes for lunch, and a junk food birthday party that night. On Friday, he went to the circus, then had a night of pizza and movies.

Ivy’s 4th birthday was on Saturday. Her one request was a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. We went early because they were completely booked for the day, but she still had a great time. She even took a picture with Chuck E. She spent the afternoon shopping with her dad, before settling in to binge watch Supergirl.

Today, they had their birthday dinner with my in-laws, which involved more pizza. They received gift bags full of junk, and are currently bouncing off the walls.

Someone save me… PLEASE.

It’s Officially Official!

It’s official! My supervisor made the announcement to our team yesterday, and my new boss has already started the process of getting my title changed. February is a new month, and I’ll be starting a new adventure. Thankfully my Biology paper is due the week before I start. I get to avoid being stressed about this paper while starting a new position.

I went over to meet the team today. It’s going to be an adjustment, but I’m going to [try to] stay positive and just be myself. I’m just worried that I’ve gotten too laid back with my easy job. I’ll be spending my next two weeks creating training guides for my old team. I’ve been feeling really upset with myself for leaving them. I know that it’s not my responsibility to carry the team, but I’ve been doing it for so long… I feel like a mama kicking her kids out of the house.

On top of that, I found out that my application to join Queen Photographers was approved! I’m joining a group of great women who do excellent work, and I’m honored. I’m always my own worst critic when it comes to my photography, so it’s nice to know that someone is loving what I do.

January has been an awesome month so far. JJ will be turning 7 on Thursday. Ivy will be turning 4 on Saturday. They deserve to have an amazing life full of extracurricular activities and going places that my parents took me as a child. My goal is to make this a year to remember for all of us.

P.S. I’ll be posting about my planners for the year soon. Waiting on one more to come in.

001 | New Year, New…

It’s a new year, and I’m back to try this whole blogging thing again.

So much happened in 2015. Much of it, I’d rather not rehash. Life threw me wrenches. Some I dodged, some hit me right in the head. But I’m over it.

The best thing about 2015 was, definitely, my introduction to pretty planning! I went from the Happy Planner to an Erin Condren1 to the Inkwell Press2. I was introduced to custom paper clips, washi tape, and Frixion pens!

So back to the new year… I’m expecting a year full of awesomeness that focuses on me. I registered for college3; I’m going into the second year of my job; I started working out; and I’m trying to achieve planner peace.

Happy New Year 2016! May your dreams and hopes come true.

  1. The holy grail of planners… So they say… []
  2. Which, IMO, is the best planner on the market! []
  3. again.. yeah, I know []

Gotta Testify

Today’s #30Layers30Days prompt is Gotta Testify.

I’ve made it to the halfway point in this challenge, and I have to say that I’m feeling pretty good about myself. If you want to learn more about #30Layers30Days, visit All The Many Layers.

Claim your miracle. Give thanks for something you yearn for that you have not received yet. Imagine how it will feel to have this dream, goal, miracle happen and write your gratitude as if you have already received it. Put it into words before it comes to life. This is about believing in your miracle and writing it into existence.

My miracle is to be debt free. I know that by relying on God all things are possible, and I know that I’m not where I need to be, but I thank Him anyway!

Being debt free is something that I definitely need. I want to be able to have extra money and not live paycheck to paycheck. I want to be able to take my kids away whenever I want. I want to be able to stay at home with my kids, instead of sending them away for nine hours a day.

When that miracle happens, I will have more time to spend building my relationship with my children and God. I will have time to spend helping others and doing the things that I love to do. I will have a life.

As hard as it is, I believe. I believe that it will happen and I believe that it will be soon.

Favorite Mistake

Today’s #30Layers30Days prompt is Favorite Mistake. “If you are down on yourself for making ‘bad decisions’, take the opportunity now to consider what is blocking you from perceiving your mistakes as lessons that will eventually benefit you. We are only able to progress by making mistakes. To be truly happy, we have to stop romanticizing perfection and make authenticity our guiding principle. Sometimes we have to do things the wrong way many many times before we learn what’s right for us. Trust that process1.”
2014-07-22 20.34.59-1

What mistake have you learned the most from?

This post is one of the hardest for me to share. It brings me back to reality. Away from the sugarcoated version of my life. I have to remind myself that no one, including me, is perfect.

I cheated on my husband once.

It was during a time when we were in a bad place. He was going his own way and I was going mine. There was no communication, no trust, and no understanding. I consider it my favorite mistake, simply because it’s one that I don’t regret. I know why it happened and I use it as a reminder of a place where I never want to be again. In hindsight, I went about it the wrong way. I should have never gone that route. But that is the beauty of mistakes, right?

It’s been four years and we’ve had our ups and downs, but we are still fighting to make it work. There have been plenty of times where I could have taken the same road, but I chose not to. Not because it isn’t right, but because it isn’t fair.

What I learned from the experience is wrong plus wrong does not equal right. There is no better solution than communication and understanding. I was worried about my husband spending a lot of time away from home, while I was stuck with our child2. I went through every scenario over and over again in my head. He would ask me to open up and talk to him about what I was feeling and I wouldn’t. I had convinced myself that he was this terrible person. If I had talked to him about what I was feeling, it could have saved us a lot of heartache. Chances are we’d be in a much better place right now. But we aren’t…

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  2. who wasn’t even one yet []