Easter Sunday

This post is almost a week late, but I’ve been quite busy. I took the children back to my hometown for Easter Sunday. We celebrated with my parents and my sister came down, too. It was a great program at the church and great food1! Ivy found2 nine eggs. JJ found seven.


  1. As always when my dad is involved… []
  2. with help from her great aunt Merl []

Ivy’s First Zoo Trip

8:08pm. Since we moved to the city, I’ve been working pretty much¬†every¬†Saturday. We have been making the best of the weekends by trying to do family things when I get off. The weather was beautiful this weekend! It reached a high of 73, which made going out perfect. Yesterday, we took the kids to the park, and today we made our way to the zoo!

It was Ivy’s first time visiting the zoo, and JJ’s second. Here are a few highlights from our day.

First Trip
First Trip
First Trip
First Riverbanks Trip
First Riverbanks Trip
First Riverbanks Trip
First Riberbanks Trip

We managed to make it through the entire park without Ivy getting cranky. I’m just glad that everyone enjoyed the outing. What did you do this weekend?

DIY: Family Photos

7:05pm. It’s a new year and the perfect time for family photos. The best part about owning a dSLR is the ability to take my own. This year, I saved hundreds of dollars by shooting my own.

I have to admit that my first family shoot was a bit challenging. I hung a sheet on a bare wall in the dining room and set up the tripod. I’m so glad that I invested in a remote, as it made a job a bit easier.

What Did I Forget?

Well…. I forgot to make sure the camera was fully charged, and I forgot to get extra batteries for the flash. I also could have used an extra person to keep Ivy’s attention, lol. I still ended up getting quite a few shots, though.


P.S. A lot of my FB friends thought these were professionally done, but I guess I’m my own worst critic. We’ll be doing more photos soon.

Goodbye Weekend

7:49pm. Another weekend has come and gone. It’s particularly hard for me, because I worked yesterday. By the time I got home1,I was too tired to do anything else. Not to mention it was raining cats and dogs.

This morning, my baby girl2 had a high fever. All she wanted to do was lay around and look miserable. JJ requested cereal, oatmeal, and pancakes. And guess what?? He had all three, because I’m determined to fatten him up.

My boy will be four on the 26th and he is still so small3. I guess I can’t expect him to be super big, because I’m not big at all. A lot of people thought my parents were starving me when I was a kid. And it really doesn’t help that Ivy is almost as big as him, and she’s not even one yet.

But I’m getting off track…

Tomorrow it will be back to work and reality. I’m still trying to wrap my head around my new office. We’re fully staffed, but we have to work three to four Saturdays a month. It’s such a hassle since we never get off on time. I have to ask my sister to keep the kids or my husband has to rearrange his schedule. It’s not fun.

The weekend, mainly Saturday, used to be my time to spend with the kids. During the week, we’re all on the go. I drop them off at 7:30am and don’t see them until 6pm. Basically, with the way this banking center does schedules, I only have Sunday to spend with my children. And to think that I work for a company that claims to be one of best for working mothers.

I’m not seeing that right now. So who knows? A change may be in my future.

  1. At 2:40pm…mind you! []
  2. Ivy, in case you forgot. []
  3. Like they might think he’s malnourished if I take him to the doctor small []


So much has happened in so little time.

It has been almost an entire week since Thanksgiving! The holiday was fun. It was great seeing my family. We got the chance to take another family portrait.

It was also the day that baby girl turned 10 months old! She’s getting so big. Four teeth… Crawling and standing… Full of attitude…

I have so many more things to update you on. Soon…very soon.