Birthday via Instagram
2:05pm. It’s Hump Day, which also happens to be the midpoint of my vacation. I took the week off of work for my birthday.

Nothing new has been happening in the world… Well, that’s a lie, lol! A lot has been happening. I can’t remember the last time I actually posted on any of my sites. I’m slowing drifting away from the web. I’m slowing drifting away from life. So let me recap. Read more


4.28.13 I stayed at home with the babies today because they weren’t feeling well. Their first week at daycare ended with both of them catching colds. My poor Ivy has it the worst, though. I wish there were something that I could do to help her feel better… (other than lots of hugs and kisses!)


4.21.13 We spent Sunday at my parents’ after church. My brother, Ray, came down from New Jersey. I got to meet his girlfriend, Dani, for the first time. I missed my older brother, Corey. I really wish that he could have made it. It definitely would have made the family photo complete. Maybe next time, though.