003 | RIP iPhone

rice for iPhone

In this rice, lies my beloved iPhone. J and I went to a baby shower/house party last night, and my phone took a tumble out of my back pocket, and into a toilet. The toilet didn’t have much water… Only the top part of my iPhone fell in the water, but it was enough to make my phone go crazy.

It was working okay after leaving it off for a while, but then the top part of my screen started to turn dark. Eventually, it went into a boot loop before finally dying.

I did head out to Kroger today for some instant rice, but thankfully J got a Squaretrade warranty for it. I’m going to leave it in the rice for a day and see what happens. If all else fails, at least I have a, hopefully, Rose Gold replacement on the way.

Ban.Do (2015-2016 Planner) & Hauls

Ban.Do 2015-16 Planner

Hi there! This year, I decided that I wanted to get into planners again. I buy a planner every year, but I tend to stop using them after a month or so. When I came across the Ban.do 17-month agenda, I just had to have it!

It took a week for it to arrive. During that time, I went on a couple of hauls at Michael’s and Target. I ended up with marker pens, tons of clips & stickers, and three rolls of washi tape! And here is where the addiction began…

michaels target haul

On my way home, I was already completing my first order from Scrapbook.com! They had a pretty awesome sale going on, but I kept it to just a few things.

Mini Review of the Ban.do

First of all, the Ban.do is super cute! It’s really colorful and has this list of quirky holidays that I never knew existed. I love that I can start using it immediately. The best part? It goes all the way to December 2016! I adore the horizontal layout, as well. It changed my entire focus for the planner. I decided to use the monthly view (2 page) for things that need to be done, while leaving the weekly view for journal entries. The horizontal layout gives me more than enough space for short journal entries. It can get a little messy, so I’m using washi tape to separate the entries. I also like being able to toss it in my Kate Spade bag.

What I don’t like? My marker pens bleed through to the next page. If I’m going to be writing a lot, I don’t need the extra mess of tiny dots from the previous page. The tabs aren’t laminated, so they are already starting to bend. I was also concerned about being able to close it once I add stickers and pictures. I was starting to regret getting the smaller version.

I’m going to give this some time to see how it goes, but so far, I’m in love! Be sure to check out the #plannerlife hashtag on Instagram! I promise that you’ll fall in love, too!

Oh Happy Day

Today’s #30Layers30Days prompt is “Oh Happy Day”.

Describe your ideal day in the life. How would you spend your day? What type of work would you do? What would you eat and who would you be around? What would you wear and where would you go? Most importantly, how would you feel?

My ideal day would be spent on the beaches of Tampa, FL. I can’t say that I’d be doing any work, though. Simply because I am in need of a vacation. A serious vacation! My husband would definitely be there. It would be a great opportunity to get away and fix some things between us. I can see us having a picnic in the sand with the ocean beating against the coast and a light breeze. I would pack healthy things for us to eat. Definitely wouldn’t leave out the chocolate covered strawberries. I’d be wearing a cute one piece suit… The cutout style in black.

I would feel happy. A lot of issues that I have with life is that I never take the opportunity to get away. I need that in my life. For my sanity, and the sanity of others around me.

I must find a way to make this happen.

When I Think Of Home

Today’s #30Layers30Days prompt is “When I Think Of Home”.

Think of an environment where you feel surrounded by kindred spirits. What kind of people, vibes, places and things inspire you? Also consider if you are putting yourself in these environments often enough. Are you making time to do the things that make you feel at home in your life?

When I think of home, I think of my parents. I grew up in a religious home. We went to church a lot! A LOT!!! That became the environment that I’m most comfortable in. And it’s not just any church. It’s that old school style. The shouting… Speaking in tongues… Good stuff.

There’s something about a good church that calms my soul. The people are real. They don’t judge. They are there to help you grow stronger. I love it!

I’m definitely not in church anywhere close to what I used to be. I can feel the change in my life and it isn’t for the better. I need to make time for God. Simple as that. I need to make him number one in my life again.