Saturday Snapshot: Easter

It’s the day before Easter, and a busy day it has been. I got up early to cook breakfast for the family before J had to leave for work. Then Ivy, JJ, and I got dressed and went out to visit my job[1. I go back on April 22.] and the grocery store. We came back home and played a little while the eggs were boiling.


JJ colored the eggs all by himself. He had such a great time! He even asked if I’d boil more eggs for him…

Now that he’s asleep, I have time to give myself a pedicure!

Happy Easter!

Julep Maven

I’ve never been big on doing my own manicures and pedicures. I’ve always been more of a salon girl, but having a newborn and a toddler, I’ve been trying to find other alternatives. Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of talk about Julep Maven. Julep is a company that is powered by girlfriends[1. According to their About Julep page.]. They are based out of Washington, and they also make nail colors that are all named after women who inspire them.

The Julep Maven program is a subscription beauty box. During the signup process, you are required to complete a quiz, which will determine your style profile. There are five profiles: one that focuses on beauty products; one that focuses on nail colors; and three that are a mixture of beauty products and nail colors. On the 20th of each month, they send out a box preview. During the preview period, you have the option to not receive a box; or to try another style and/or order add-ons for your box.

I tried a subscription box service in the past, and it was a pretty bad experience[2. Wittlebee…]. I was a little hesitant about trying another, but so far, I’ve heard zero negative things about Julep. Besides… it’s a nice way to build up my nail color selection for when Ivy gets old enough to have her nails painted.


I received my first box at no cost. It was received within a week of ordering, which was awesome processing time for cross country delivery. The contents in the box were very neatly packaged.


I received Barbara[3. A glittery purple…], Meryl[4. A grey…], and cuticle oil.


I love the look of Julep nail colors. It’s just the right consistency that polish should be. I was able to achieve a great look with just one coat, and a perfect look with two. My manicure held up for over a week[5. Until I started spring cleaning with no gloves.]. When I redo it, I’ll take pictures to add to the post. I’m definitely excited for my next box.

If you’re in the market for some nail colors to add to your collection, I definitely recommend Julep.

P.S. This is not a paid post and I was not asked to formally review this product. All opinions are my own.

The Weekend

It was a pretty cold weekend, but we wanted to get the kiddies out of the house. We’ve been pretty much trapped at home for three weeks.[1. With the exception of doctors’ appointments.] On Saturday, JJ went with his dad to visit some family due to a recent death. We were all going to attend church on Sunday, but it rained and got really cold. Yesterday, J’s family decided to take the children to Chuck E Cheese’s since they didn’t have any school.

Chuck E Cheese's Savannah

It was JJ’s first time going, and of course Chuck E scared the crap out of him.[2. And all of the other kids under 5!] Ever since he’s been out of daycare, he’s gotten really antisocial. He didn’t talk to anyone…cried when people tried to talk to him. J had to make him play some of the games. I’m hoping that he’ll do better next time. He did eat the pizza, though! SHOCKING![3. JJ is a very picky eater.]

Baby K'Tan

Baby Ivy hung out in her Baby K’Tan carrier. It was so much easier than pushing around a stroller. I have to admit that I have become quite the baby wearer these days. I’m so glad that I invested in the Baby K’Tan. It was great to have my hands free so that I could play games and snap photos.

We ended the day at the mall. J bought me a new facial cleanser in hopes of helping me clear up my postpartum acne. He also took me to Shapes Brow Bar to tame this mess I call eyebrows. It was my first experience with threading, and OW!. The result was worth the pain. I’m actually looking forward to getting them done again next month.

I’m going to be tracking my progress with this new facial product and if it’s successful, I’ll be blogging about it. I got it for less than half the original price under the condition that I promote the product if it works for me. Only time will tell.

Influenster Holiday Voxbox

A couple of weeks ago, I joined Influenster to keep me occupied during my days of bed rest. After a week on the site, I was chosen to receive the 2012 Holiday VoxBox.[1. The VoxBox is complimentary from Influenster for product testing purposes.] I got the box yesterday, and I have to admit that these are some pretty sweet samples.

The box includes: Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal, NYC Liquid Lipshine, Kiss Nail Dress, Pink Lemonade EBOOST, a Goody QuikStyle Paddle Brush, and a Sole Society coupon.

So far, I’ve only tried the EBOOST, which I was not a fan of. I’m not big on powdered drinks, though. To me, EBOOST was grainy and tasted horrible.

I’ll be sure to update this post with more opinions.

12/27 @ 9pm: I tried the Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal for dinner. I’m usually a fan of oatmeal, and while it did have a great taste, there was just too much going on for me. There were more almonds, cherries, and pistachios than actual oatmeal. If you’re big on wanting a crunch, this is for you. The oatmeal came in a Ready-to-Go container. All I had to do was add boiling water and stir. It was done in less than 5 minutes.

12/29 @ 12pm: I just used my $25 off coupon for Sole Society.[1. Clicking link will give you $25 off, too. Good until 1/1/13.] UPS ground shipping is free and shoes start at $49.95. You can read the review here.

1/11 @ 1pm: The other day, I tried the NYC Liquid Lipshine. The color that I received was Nude York City. The first day, I wore it alone, but I didn’t like it. It was a bit too sticky for me. The second day, I put on a thin layer of my C.O. Bigelow gloss and then the Liquid Lipshine. Much better result! I can see me adding it to my “prettified” look.

2012 Christmas

Happy holidays, everyone! I’m a bit late, as usual, but our Christmas went well. We started out the day with gift opening. Then we had breakfast at a friend’s house by the pond. After that, it was off to my parents for lunch with my huge family. We finished our day at my sister-in-law’s home.

JJ was very pleased with his presents. His favorite is the Power Wheel, of course. He had a few hours of play. It rained most of Christmas and the day after. Hopefully it will warm up some, so that I can take him out tomorrow.

JJ's Power Wheel

J’s present is the ever so beautiful Jeep Grand Cherokee, which I have taken a liking, too. I’ll probably be driving it more than him, though. My car is much better on gas. He wanted a F-150, but after seeing the Jeep, he fell in love.[1. And so did I!]

2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The boys got me a Pandora bracelet. I already have a traditional charm bracelet, but he decided that the Pandora is much better. I love it! I’m already making a list of charm ideas for upcoming “special days”.

The day was great. It’s great seeing my dad almost back to his normal routine. As for me, I’m out on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. There isn’t anything serious wrong. My doctor decided to keep me out as a safety precaution.