Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday, lovelies! It’s been a while since my last update. I’m back to work as of last week[1. That deserves a post to itself…]!

I enjoyed my weekend as much as I could. Both Ivy & JJ picked up colds during their first week at daycare. JJ is doing better, but Ivy is pretty miserable at this point. She also has her sickle cell appointment tomorrow. I’m hoping and praying that she does not have it, but we’ll see tomorrow.

I set up the tripod today and took some self portraits and some photos with the kids. I set up a photo blog, so you can view them all over here, if you would like to.

Blog Circle: Interesting Perspectives

It’s the beginning of a new month, and the beginning of a new challenge for me. This year, I said that I would focus on my photography, so I decided to join a photography blog circle[1. Link to the next blog below.] on CM.

This month’s focus is interesting perspectives. It was definitely a challenge. I spent a lot of time on Google last month researching perspectives in photography. There’s no better place than the local Waterfront Park. It’s located in the Historic Downtown district of Beaufort, SC. I had some time to myself, so it was easy to get down and dirty.

CM Blog Circle: Pathway to Nowhere

Walking along the main street.

Now that you’ve viewed my take on “interesting perspectives”, please check out the rest of the blog circle entries. Next up is Stephanie. She is a photographer based out of Houston, Texas.

P.S. If you go through all of the entries, you should end up back here!

Miss Ivy: 8 Weeks

My baby girl is 8 weeks old! Time is really flying these days. It seems as if I was pregnant forever. We had a little photo shoot today…and yesterday, too! I’m working on getting sharp images in low natural light. Here are my favorites:

ISO too high – Shutter Speed to low
This shot is edited.
I love CM[1. Clickin’ Moms]! I was able to acheive this almost perfect[2. As far as sharpness goes…] shot. I’m definitely getting a lifetime subscription when my current one ends.

In other news…JJ is fully potty trained after three months! He’s only had 2 night time accidents and those were my fault[3. Reminder to not give him anything to drink before bed…]. He’s so good now, that he actually gets up and goes in the middle of the night! I’m proud of my baby. He started training when he was ready, and he’s amazing!