006 | Another Life Update

I like life updates! LOL!

So I am going back to school! I registered for classes at Strayer University. I’m excited to finally finish my Bachelor’s in Information Technology. I’m going to be focusing on programming.

Kids are great. Out of daycare and afterschool for the summer, and saving me hundreds of dollars.

Work is good. I am a 2016 WOW! Star, which is a huge deal at my company. They also want me to consider moving up, but with school starting, I’m not too sure.

Life is really coming together for me, and I couldn’t be happier.

Until next time.

005 | Life Update

It’s May… I’m stopping by for a few updates.

Update #1

That replacement iPhone 6S turned into a Nexus 6P. LOL! It’s so hard to stay away from Android. As much as I love it, I’m excited about the next iPhone and WWDC. I’ve been working on trying to get a decent screen for the iPhone 6 that J dropped weights on so that I can have a device for iOS 10… I’ll keep you updated on that one.

Update #2

I’m still planning… and spending a ridiculous amount of money on planners! I’m actually planning a destash of the few that I have left. I ordered a Filofax Malden, and I can’t wait to get it. The Inkwell Press has been converted into a budget calendar. I think I may start posting more about my planning and quest to find planner peace.

Update #3

I got a promotion! TD Lexington’s only Black IRA Ops Rep 3! It was completely unexpected, but well deserved. I’ve been working really hard, and feeling really unappreciated. At the point where I was ready to give up and find somewhere that would appreciate my talents, my boss announced my promotion and that I was Employee of the Month!

That’s pretty much it. I’m well. The family is well. I have some visions for where I want to go with the domain. I’ve gotten rid of a few other domains because I feel like it would be much easier to manage one. I’m not a huge fan of subdomains, but if I am going to have them, terin.me is perfect for that. Besides, it’s officially the domain that I’ve owned the longest.

Stay tuned… Hopefully I don’t fall off the wagon again before I get my thoughts situated.

004 | On The Way

Whew! Thanks to my husband, I have a new iPhone on the way! It should be arriving tomorrow, and I’m so happy. This time without a phone… I’m not about that life!

I went through so many emotions yesterday! The first claim with Squaretrade was rejected. The second claim was approved, but they told me that I had to go to an Apple Store and pay for a replacement first. I was going out of my mind! The closest Apple Store is two hours away! I wouldn’t be able to make that drive until Saturday, because… Work!

So, my husband… Who hates seeing me in my overly emotional state… Decided to call himself. And what happens, he gets a phone shipped overnight with no questions asked. I guess some of us have that touch, and others don’t.

Either way, I’m not going to act like a spoiled brat, because I really don’t want a gold iPhone… I’ll be grateful for my replacement.

003 | RIP iPhone

rice for iPhone

In this rice, lies my beloved iPhone. J and I went to a baby shower/house party last night, and my phone took a tumble out of my back pocket, and into a toilet. The toilet didn’t have much water… Only the top part of my iPhone fell in the water, but it was enough to make my phone go crazy.

It was working okay after leaving it off for a while, but then the top part of my screen started to turn dark. Eventually, it went into a boot loop before finally dying.

I did head out to Kroger today for some instant rice, but thankfully J got a Squaretrade warranty for it. I’m going to leave it in the rice for a day and see what happens. If all else fails, at least I have a, hopefully, Rose Gold replacement on the way.

002 | 21 Day Fix

I decided to do the 21 Day Fix!

It was a really sudden decision. I was setting up my Inkwell Press planner for the new year, and decided to use my Heidi Swapp goodbye/hello stamps. I decided that I want to say goodbye to this very unhealthy lifestyle that I have created over the past year.

Why The 21 Day Fix?

21 Day Fix
21 Day Fix – Beachbody

I haven’t worked out consistently in a very long time. I tried a few others, but couldn’t commit to the workouts. I chose the 21 Day Fix because it seems like the perfect way to get back into my groove. It’s a great mix of cardio and weight training. I’m proud to say that I’m on Day 6, and I’m still motivated to continue!

Along with working out, I’m also focusing on better other aspects of my health. That includes drinking more water1 and scheduling the necessary appointments for my acne, vision, and overall health.

I’m so serious about focusing on myself this year. I need this for me, and I have realized that no one else can make these changes for me.

  1. Yeah… I know! []