Happy Independence Day

It’s Independence Day, YAY!!! 😀 And I have to work. It’s okay though. I get double pay. So I’ll get paid for 17 hours…$170 in one day! I know it’s early (6:20a), but I’m up getting ready for work. Jermaine is gonna be here in about 10 minutes to get me, and I’m still not even halfway dressed. Then again…he still hasn’t called to tell me that he was on the way. Shit, I hope he’s awake.

Nothing much is going on that’s new. I’m just patiently awaiting my close to $1000 phone bill. Q says that he’s gonna cover the international part…which is my whole phone bill minus about a hundred bucks. :-< I’m not off again until Thursday, so I guess I’ll see you then.

New Layout, New Beginning

In my last post, I talked about how my life was depressing. I explained the whole Q and Terin situation. Since then, I’ve decided what I wanted. The new layout is all about closing a chapter, and starting a new one.

Q’s baby momma (name shall remain unknown) emailed me on myspace a few days ago, saying that she wanted to talk to me…know who her son was going to be around. She gave me her number, but I never got the chance to call her, so she got mine, instead. She called while I was out with some friends, and told me a couple of things that I had never heard from Q. I guess that gained my interest, and the need to know why he never told me these things (he said he thought that he did). I guess it hurt me to know that he didn’t be completely honest with me. So anyway, after a couple of days of this, I decided that maybe we needed to break up for good. Move on with our lives. I decided that I didn’t want to deal with the drama that comes from him having a child with someone else. Knowing that there is always going to be someone there to interfere in our relationship.

It’s going to be hard moving on, but I don’t doubt for a minute that I can’t do it. Moving on is a part of life, right? I hope it doesn’t sound like I could care less about Q’s feelings, because the truth is that I do care. It’s just that this isn’t right for me. Reality has finally set in, and it hurts like a bitch. I talked to my mom, my sister, and my brother (one of the many) about how they felt about marriage, baby mommas, the military, and drama. My mom said that she couldn’t really tell me anything because she’s never been with anyone but my dad. But she did say that stress kills, and the situation will only get worse. My sister said that even though the man is a good man, it’s not worth all of the trouble you have to go through. Oh, and that all military men are dogs (even though I know that’s not true). My brother said don’t get married until you’re like 30. And when you do get married, don’t marry someone with kids. He said military isn’t all that bad (he’s a former Marine), that it just takes a lot of trusting. So hopefully, I have made the right decision for myself.

If I don’t get around to blogging before the weekend, I want you all to have fun…enough fun for me because I’ll be slaving away at work for the rest of the week. Love ya!

You Ever Feel Like…

Someone’s not being completely honest with you? That’s how I’m starting to feel about…someone. I dunno, I’m just not in a very trusting mood these days…I can’t put my finger on why, but I’m never wrong about this kind of stuff.

Anyway, I got my first real check today…felt good to see that much money on one piece of paper! I also have a new budget set out for the new job, so I don’t run out of money again. :)) That’s about all that is new with me…I have to finish my research paper, and take some tests for Business Law, and that will be all….1 more month of classes!

Later guys!

Do I or Don’t I

I’m still trying to decide if I like the job or not. Sometimes, I want to go back to RT, but that means I’ll have to deal with a couple of perverted managers and backstabbing people. Then at FL, everyone’s all cool and happy….no one really says anything to anyone…just do our work and go home. I get to close tonight, so I can learn how to do it. 🙁 I hope it doesn’t take long to do, but then again, I’m off tomorrow. I’ve been learning a lot there…I know a little bit more than my boss does now. :))

Life outside of work is pretty much non-existent. I spend about 12 hours a day between trying to get to work and actually working (9 hours w/ break) and getting home. So if I work in the morning, I’m gone all day. Today and yesterday aren’t bad because I get some time to myself in the mornings when I’ve slept too much already. I get to see Q next weekend. I’ll get to spend Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday morning with him. 😀 I guess I’ll be cleaning this place up again tomorrow, and work on my budget…it needs to be redone now.

Returned comments, thanks guys, catch up with you next time.

Updating Soon

Silly me..I thought I had all my files backed up only to find out that I have none. LOL! So I get to start all over….YAY!

Thanks to Google, Yahoo!, and MSN caching my site, I found copies of all my pages. 😀 Great right? Anyway, the new layout is up…finally.

On another note, life is going fine. Q’s still in Virginia so I can’t see him for another 10 days. 🙁 I miss him, then he’s always so tired that we don’t get to talk much either. It’s gonna suck when he goes to Iraq. I’ve decided that I’m not going to rush him to get married anymore. It seems like he doesn’t want that anymore, so yeah….whatever. No love lost.

I have to work tomorrow so I’m gonna cut this short. Thanks for the comments! Later.