Just Getting Home

From the Valentine’s Day Gala. It was really nice, and the food was great. I took a couple of pictures, but they are on my dad’s and my cousin’s digital cameras.

Today marks day #6 since the last time I talked to Q. :-< I’m really missing him a lot, and I wish that I could just hear his voice for like…10 seconds. Everyone’s asking when the wedding is going to be, but I don’t even know if we are going to be together long enough to have one of those. That would really suck because I found the prettiest dress from David’s Bridal. I’ve decided to wait a little while longer on the phone. The SE W810i comes out next month. 😀 Anyway, off to get some sleep. Work in the morning.


What’s up? I’ve been busy…again. I finished the 3 tests and got out of my online class with a 91. I gave my speech on healthy eating habits. Now I just have to go print out my notes for Psychology. My professor is so great, he put them all online so we don’t have to write them in class. WOOHOO! big grin
I’ve seen Vince (the ex) twice, and Kevin once this week. Vince and I talked for hours about how I’ve changed. Since then, I’ve decided that I’m not happy with the person I am now, and I’ve decided that I want to change some things back to the way they were. That’s been working really well. I’m even going to start running everyday. And I’m going to stay away from no-good men who only want one thing. censored
Other than that, I went to Goodwill today and got some t-shirts! I’m going to start reconstructing again, once I can figure out how to get the bobbin right in this sewing machine. For those of you who don’t know what that is, you can check out T-Shirt Surgery. Okay..my head hurts really bad, so I’ll update again…..sometime. LATAZ!

2 Days, 2 Dates, 2 Guys

Okay. So, I’m at home on Friday…spending the ENTIRE day talking to Kevin (the new guy). My other phone rings, and it’s Jarvis (a friend of my sister’s). He asked me if I wanted to go to the movies, and I told him that I had plans for Saturday night. Then he’s like well, you can watch 2 different movies, so I agreed and said okay. So we get to the theater, and the movie he wants to see is sold out (which is okay because me and Kevin were planning on watching that same movie), so we saw “Hitch” instead. After that, we went to Applebee’s where his ex-girlfriend was the waitress. I swear that was the most awkward (sp?) meal of my entire life. He tried talking to me on the way home, and I was making it clear that I wasn’t interested. That’s when he asked me if I was seeing Kevin. I told him that me and Kevin were only friends for now.
Saturday: My sister’s moving back in the house, so we were moving her stuff out of her apartment. I was looking raggedy as hell (ripped jeans, dirty shirt, uncombed hair) when she announced that Kevin (KB) was coming over to help move some stuff. WTF So he gets there and I avoid him…completely for 3 whole hours. Then…everyone comes to my house. angry While I was in the shower, my sister showed him all of my baby pictures. (But this is only the beginning.) We go back to my sister’s house so she can get dressed, and he slaps me…so we ended up fighting. When we got to the movies (we rode in 2 separate cars..me and my sister, him and my sister’s boyfriend), he avoided me the ENTIRE time. So after the movie is over, he practically runs out of the theater, so I walked back to my sister’s car, got in, and slammed the door shut. Then he comes to the door, and he’s like “Are you mad at me about something? What did I do?” I just stared at him in awe and shook my head. So he says, “Well, I’ll call you tomorrow.”
I swear I wanted to say don’t call me so freakin bad. But I didn’t. I ended up calling him…then he pissed me off again, and I told him that I hated him. Saying that hurt his feelings, and he was all like do you really feel that way about me, and I’m like fuck yeah. So he gets quiet, and I tell him that there is no point in holding the phone and not saying anything. Then I hung up.
Then guess who calls? Vincent. sick Someone has been telling him every move I make. He knows that I was at Kevin’s on Tuesday. He can even tell me what I ate at Applebee’s on Friday. Isn’t that wierd? I think he’s stalking me….or someone is. I mean…I wasn’t even in my car when I went to Kevin’s. *sigh* Psycho people.
Sorry that this is so long. That’s what happens when you don’t blog in forever.

I’m In Lust

[edit]I checked the coding, and the cookiecheck.php was missing. doh Must have done that when I was playing around the other day.[/edit]
I saw Kevin today! big grin We’re going out on Saturday…that should be interesting. I’m trying not to get emotionally attached, but I think he could be “Man of the Next Few Months”. hehe That’s if he quits being so damn demanding. Poor guy doesn’t understand yet….I run things!
Vince called me last night….and the night before. sick Man I wish he would just give it up already. I didn’t tell him about Kevin, yet. I don’t feel like he’s on a need-to-know level yet…and me and Kevin aren’t really “official”. (I’m getting the hints though).
I have so much homework…3 online tests are due by March 2, a speech is due on March 1, Spanish homework on the 28th…..site update. UGH! It’s gonna be a busy weekend. I need to get started on some things. LATAZ!!!

Valentine’s Day

I dread today. sad For the first time in four years, I’m spending Valentine’s Day alone….all alone. I guess it won’t be so bad since I get to see my ex…I think. love Yeah, I’m still in love with him. And if I ever hear that repeated I will kill you. razz No one understands. I mean, he has been in my life for maybe eight years. So it’s like losing your best friend and boyfriend in the same blow. Then, the fact that he’s telling everyone that we’re getting back together doesn’t really help the situation. (I really need to install a sigh emoticon.) I don’t know. I think he’s saying these things to keep guys away from me. Being that everyone in this censored county knows that we talked for a really long time. *sigh* I don’t know what to do. I guess I’m thinking about what people will think more of anything. I already catch hell because I see him, but it’s not like we’re doing anything…………..well…maybe once! razz I’m such an idiot for even letting him get that close to me…and no (perverted people)! I’m sure it’s not what you think. Anyway, my mom says that I talk about him constantly, but I never remember saying anything about him at all. She always ends up repeating an entire conversation that I can’t remember having….especially with her. big grin My cousin thinks that I should ask Vince to move with me to California…as friends. BLEH! That spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R! Then she said we should get married. how bout now I’m like censored you. We aren’t even together, and marriage is being suggested. He doesn’t fit into my criteria at all. I think my mother was right……

Well, unfortunately, there is nothing else going on. I made a V-Day gift for everyone…its on the gifts page. I’m too lazy to post it here. I’ve also added two more skins: Pia Carrot (which is being redone because I hate the original with a passion) and Chinese Takeout (which isn’t meant to offend anyone). I made this humongous banana pudding (with vanilla wafers, bananas, and jello pudding) for Vince’s mother…started my niece’s science project which is due Tuesday…and managed to get less than 24 hours of sleep since I started skinning the site. I have Smirnoff in the trunk that I can’t drink until after MEPS. bang head And I really need to wash my hair. Well, I’m determined to get at least 5 hours of sleep. LATAZ!