Happy Thanksgiving (Late)

Hi friends! Nothing beats a post Thanksgiving post to remind you all that I am alive and well. I hate that I don’t find the time to blog more. I’m always wondering… What can I do to make me happy??? And here we are… Back to where my happiness started… Keeping a journal.

How’s Life?

Life is going. Times are tough, but we are making it. My main focus right now is making sure the kids have a good Christmas. This year is the perfect year to teach them that Christmas is more than just material things. Work is going well. I had a great six month evaluation. Kids are doing great. Growing up fast. The marriage is… A marriage. Ups… Downs… Blah Blah Blah, yeah!

How Was My Thanksgiving?

Pretty freakin’ awesome! I ended up doing two impromptu photo shoots with my new 24mm lens. Here are a few faves from the day:
We had a great day for the most part. It started with the 2 hour road trip to my parents and ended with a dinner with friends. I got to meet my grandnephew (the lovely baby in the photos above) for the first time. It was also the first time that we’ve seen our friends since we moved to the city.

Before I Go…

I want to thank the faithful few that check on me every now and then. I miss our blogging community. I’m slowly finding my way back. I have so many thoughts and wants. I need to get back to what makes me happy… Because I realize that I’m starting to lose myself. So, until next time…

Easter Sunday

This post is almost a week late, but I’ve been quite busy. I took the children back to my hometown for Easter Sunday. We celebrated with my parents and my sister came down, too. It was a great program at the church and great food1! Ivy found2 nine eggs. JJ found seven.


  1. As always when my dad is involved… []
  2. with help from her great aunt Merl []


So much has happened in so little time.

It has been almost an entire week since Thanksgiving! The holiday was fun. It was great seeing my family. We got the chance to take another family portrait.

It was also the day that baby girl turned 10 months old! She’s getting so big. Four teeth… Crawling and standing… Full of attitude…

I have so many more things to update you on. Soon…very soon.


Saturday Snapshot: Easter

It’s the day before Easter, and a busy day it has been. I got up early to cook breakfast for the family before J had to leave for work. Then Ivy, JJ, and I got dressed and went out to visit my job[1. I go back on April 22.] and the grocery store. We came back home and played a little while the eggs were boiling.


JJ colored the eggs all by himself. He had such a great time! He even asked if I’d boil more eggs for him…

Now that he’s asleep, I have time to give myself a pedicure!

Happy Easter!