Hump Day Faves: Cal

This week, I want to start something new. I’m trying to get more into blogging here and I need a few things to keep me going.

I’m participating in the SITS Spring Fling blog challenge this week. I also want to start doing what I call “Hump Day Faves”.

What is Hump Day Faves?

Hump Day Faves is going to be a series that highlights my favorite mobile apps. I’ll be updating the blog every Wednesday with an app for Android or iPhone.

Today’s App

This one was hard since Instagram decided to update their app today1. This week, I chose Cal by

Cal is probably the prettiest calendar app that I have ever laid eyes on. I started using it when it was in beta and I fell in love. It syncs beautifully with Google Calendar and Facebook. I love that I can connect it with to show my tasks as well. They recently added a feature called HeadsUp that is great for managing meetings. It’s designed to keep you on track from preparing for your meeting to wrapping it up!

Cal makes me want to add things to my calendar2! I’m a sucker for a pretty app. I can’t help it! LOL!

Have you tried Cal? If not, what is your go to Calendar app on your mobile device?

  1. I love the new design of the Android version, by the way! []
  2. Really, it does! []

Peanut Butter Cup Smoothies

I recently fell in love with Tropical Smoothie’s Peanut Butter Cup smoothie. At $4.99 for one, it becomes quite expensive1.
Peanut Butter Cup smoothie image-
Well, enter Google. I began searching for days trying to find the perfect recipe to replicate this smoothie. I ended up at PB Fingers. She had posted a recipe way back in 2011. After trying her recipe, I decided that this was the closest that I was going to get. I spent weeks altering the recipe and I think that I’ve finally got it!

Peanut Butter Cup Smoothie

Toss into a blender:

  • 4 ounces of water
  • 2 tsps Sugar In The Raw
  • 6 ice cubes
  • 1 tbsp Ghirardelli Premium Baking Cocoa2
  • 1 banana (frozen or fresh)
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder

The tip about the water came from the nice lady at the cafe. I was using milk before but the texture wasn’t coming out right. Now I get to enjoy my Peanut Butter Cup smoothies without the expensive price tag3.

  1. especially since I was getting one every day []
  2. I used Sweet Ground []
  3. Just in time for our No Spend Challenge []

DIY Duck Tape Table

Duck Tape Table Close Up

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing Instagram and saw a link to Sophistishe’s Duck Tape Table tutorial. I knew then that I had to try it. I purchased the tape at Dollar General and got to work. I must admit that this was a quick and easy task!! It took about 30 minutes (maybe less) and I wanted to duck tape everything when I was done.
I also ended up rearranging the furniture in our living room. Ivy started walking a little over a week ago and the set up that I had was not enough space for her to room. She was bumping her head on the coffee table, banging on the sliding door, and pulling cords.
Having the furniture this way is a lot more secure. All of the plugs and surge protectors are hidden now. The kids also have a lot more room to play on the floor. The design before had the loveseat on the opposite side of the sofa..acting more as a divider. This is the third time that I’ve rearranged furniture this month and I think it’s a winner.

Ivy’s First Zoo Trip

8:08pm. Since we moved to the city, I’ve been working pretty much¬†every¬†Saturday. We have been making the best of the weekends by trying to do family things when I get off. The weather was beautiful this weekend! It reached a high of 73, which made going out perfect. Yesterday, we took the kids to the park, and today we made our way to the zoo!

It was Ivy’s first time visiting the zoo, and JJ’s second. Here are a few highlights from our day.

First Trip
First Trip
First Trip
First Riverbanks Trip
First Riverbanks Trip
First Riverbanks Trip
First Riberbanks Trip

We managed to make it through the entire park without Ivy getting cranky. I’m just glad that everyone enjoyed the outing. What did you do this weekend?

DIY: Family Photos

7:05pm. It’s a new year and the perfect time for family photos. The best part about owning a dSLR is the ability to take my own. This year, I saved hundreds of dollars by shooting my own.

I have to admit that my first family shoot was a bit challenging. I hung a sheet on a bare wall in the dining room and set up the tripod. I’m so glad that I invested in a remote, as it made a job a bit easier.

What Did I Forget?

Well…. I forgot to make sure the camera was fully charged, and I forgot to get extra batteries for the flash. I also could have used an extra person to keep Ivy’s attention, lol. I still ended up getting quite a few shots, though.


P.S. A lot of my FB friends thought these were professionally done, but I guess I’m my own worst critic. We’ll be doing more photos soon.