iPhone 5c or Moto X: Which should I choose?

Recently, Verizon gave me to opportunity to “upgrade” to an iPhone 5c. I already have my Moto X1, but lately I have been thinking a lot about going back to iOS2. Today’s question is:

Should I choose the iPhone 5c or Moto X?

Let’s Get Started!

iPhone 5c Moto X Front View

I have always been a fan of both Android and Apple. After my Blackberry days, I switched to the Motorola Devour3. It was my first Android device and the start of all of my troubles. I ended up having it replaced five or six times. Verizon eventually gave me a Droid 2. I had always wanted an iPhone, but at that time they were AT&T exclusive. A couple of months after having the Droid 2, the iPhone 4 was released on Verizon. I preordered it that same night. All of my problems were solved.

Now I have to admit that Android has come a long way since then. I currently have a Moto X running stock4 Kit Kat 4.4.2, which is the latest version of Android. I recommend the Moto X to most people that I come in contact with. The problem is that I would also recommend an iPhone. See my dilemma?

Let Me Explain

The reason why I recommend one or the other is because they are both really great phones. It really just depends on the need of the person. Some questions I ask are:

  • Have you ever used a smartphone?
    If the answer is no, then iPhone 5c is the way to go.
  • How important is customization?
    If the answer is anything other than not important at all, choose the Moto X.
  • How important is having a wonderful selection of apps? What type of apps interest you?
    If your answer is very important, and you like photography apps or writing apps, choose iPhone.
  • Do you rely on the Google ecosystem?
    Both phones do well with Google Apps, but Google powers Android, so choose the Moto X.

Bottom line: Both phones are great depending on your preferences. What about someone like me, though? I’ve owned over ten different smartphones. I love having the ability to customize5. Apps, all apps, are important to me. I love both phones! The only thing I can do at this point is weigh the pros versus the cons.

iPhone 5c

iPhone 5c Moto X Back View

The Pros

It’s ridiculously easy! I love how simple it is to use the iPhone 5c. It’s pretty much a plug and play device6. The entire iPhone series has some of the best cameras on the market, which is great because I use my camera a lot. When it comes to apps, I love that I can find all of my favorites and then some. The fact that most developers prefer to create apps for iOS versus Android is a huge plus for me. Google apps on iOS also function and look better than most of their Android counterparts. Also, Siri can order my movie tickets… And she always gets me VIP seating! Verizon offered me a 32gb iPhone 5c for free.

The Cons

It’s a little small for my tastes, mostly because I’m used to the larger form factors of Android devices. You can’t use data while on a phone call, unless you are on WiFi. There isn’t a way to customize the phone without jailbreaking. CocoPPa does not count… AT ALL! I had to use iEmpty to create blank icons so that I could put my apps where I wanted them.
2014-03-21 10.04.31 This iPhone 5c is running 7.1, which can’t be jailbroken. My chances of customizing this one? Slim to none.

Moto X

Moto X iPhone 5c Form Factor

The Pros

The Moto X is the perfect size. It has a 4.7″ screen, but the curved back makes it feel like you’re holding an iPhone 5c with a case. Battery life is amazing sometimes7. It supports using 4G data while on a call. I can customize pretty much anything I want on this phone (see Cons).
2013-11-06 17.29.44
I love the Motorola exclusive features like Active Display, Assist, and Touchless Controls.
Active Display is a lockscreen replacement that pulses on and off when you pick up the phone or a new notification comes in. It only lights up the parts of the screen in use, which saves battery life.
Assist has three modes: Driving, Meeting, and Sleeping. Driving mode turns on when you’re on the move and reads all of your messages to you…tells you who’s calling, and allows you to respond or answer without picking up the phone. Meeting puts your phone on silent during events entered into your calendar. You can now choose the calendar you want to use. Sleeping silences your phone during times you specify, only allowing the phone to ring if it’s one of your favorites or if they call more than one time8.
Touchless Controls is my most used feature. The Moto X has a processor that is always running, just waiting to recognize your voice. It’s a low power system that is beyond amazing. It actually works from across the room. All I have to do is say “Okay, Google Now” and it turns on. No hands necessary! It works for making calls, opening apps, searching Google, sending texts, and pretty much anything else.

The Moto X uses Google Keyboard, which also has super cute emoji! I’m a sucker for cute things! I also love that I can swipe to type. It’s much easier for me than having to tap each key.
2013-11-22 01.01.31

The Cons

The camera. The camera is 10mp, but it’s not all that great. It really is a hit or a miss. For every ten pictures that I take, I get maybe three good ones. As I said before, I take a lot of photos, and this was a huge issue that pushed me toward the iPhone 5c. Battery life is also a hit or miss. Some days I can get 15 hours or more. Some days it is dead after 9 hours. It only has 16gb of storage with no option to expand. There isn’t a way to customize the font without rooting. The bootloader is locked on AT&T and Verizon editions and this phone can no longer be rooted.


We finally made it! I wanted the iPhone 5c because of the apps that I was missing out on and the camera. Verizon offering it to me at no cost was the turning point, especially since it is a 32gb. I wanted the extra space, but it wasn’t really a necessity. I like not having to uninstall things to create more space. The features of the Moto X is what makes this decision a hard one. I find myself asking if I could live without these features…

After reading this post, which would you choose?

  1. Which I love to death []
  2. I want all Apple everything []
  3. a cute little slider phone that was crap []
  4. or at least as close to stock []
  5. From changing fonts and icons to jailbreaking/rooting []
  6. Turn it on > Set it up > Download Apps > BOOM! []
  7. I’m talking 59% left after 15 hours of moderate usage []
  8. Like iOS Do Not Disturb []

Hump Day Faves: Cal

This week, I want to start something new. I’m trying to get more into blogging here and I need a few things to keep me going.

I’m participating in the SITS Spring Fling blog challenge this week. I also want to start doing what I call “Hump Day Faves”.

What is Hump Day Faves?

Hump Day Faves is going to be a series that highlights my favorite mobile apps. I’ll be updating the blog every Wednesday with an app for Android or iPhone.

Today’s App

This one was hard since Instagram decided to update their app today1. This week, I chose Cal by Any.do.

Cal is probably the prettiest calendar app that I have ever laid eyes on. I started using it when it was in beta and I fell in love. It syncs beautifully with Google Calendar and Facebook. I love that I can connect it with Any.do to show my tasks as well. They recently added a feature called HeadsUp that is great for managing meetings. It’s designed to keep you on track from preparing for your meeting to wrapping it up!

Cal makes me want to add things to my calendar2! I’m a sucker for a pretty app. I can’t help it! LOL!

Have you tried Cal? If not, what is your go to Calendar app on your mobile device?

  1. I love the new design of the Android version, by the way! []
  2. Really, it does! []

Goodbye Google Reader

I’ve used Google Reader for as long as I can remember. Imagine my shock when I saw the news that it is shutting down in July. It has been a while since I’ve used the web interface of Reader, though. I viewed my feed through Pulse. I still love Pulse, but I decided that maybe it was time for a full change.

Enter Feedly. Feedly was recommended to me by Brit. I have to admit that I have zero regrets about installing it. I love that Feedly has extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. The app looks beautiful on Android and iOS.

2013-03-15 15.12.16

I didn’t have my Reader feeds organized, but Feedly makes it easy on both the phone and the web. I was able to set categories easily. If you have categories already [in Reader], they sync over to Feedly. Feedly was originally based solely on Reader[1. Yes I do my research…], but they had a feeling that Google would shut the service down and started working on their own backend solution. With that being said, Feedly should still work perfectly after July 1st.

My other choice[2. I only use it for personal blogs that I comment on.] is Bloglovin’. They have a web version that looks great on Internet Explorer, as well as other browsers. It is also available on Android and iOS. They are not based on Reader at all, but are offering a way to import your feeds.

So there you have it. Two options to check out. What app/site did you decide to use to read your feeds?

Keeping It

6:44pm. So…after doing some “soul searching”, I’ve decided to keep my Samsung Galaxy S III. I was tempted to switch back to the iPhone, but after spending more time with the S3…

I’ve decided that I can’t part with the simultaneous data/voice. I also enjoy being able to customize the phone without having to root it. LOL! I spent some time designing a wallpaper; choosing icons that would match perfectly; and finding a case. The end result? A phone that I can’t keep my hands off.

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Elago Breathe

I’m letting my sister-in-law have my upgrade, so I can only hope and pray that I’m making the right decision. I’ll also be getting J his iPhone 5…hopefully by the end of the year.

27th Birthday & Etc.

I haven’t really been feeling up to blogging, but here I am. I’m currently 12 weeks pregnant and happy to be at the end of the first trimester. I’m hoping that I start to feel better. Some days are good..others are not. But all that matters is that I’m healthy and so is the baby.

I turned 27 last Sunday (July 22). I didn’t announce it like I usually do. It was a quiet weekend with my family. BBQ, the beach, and church. I ended up having to wait until Monday to get my gift, but it was totally worth the wait…

So meet my new baby, the Samsung Galaxy S 3. It was a hard decision leaving the iPhone, but I’m so happy with my choice. Who knows what will happen when the next iPhone comes out, though… I have another upgrade available, just in case. LOL.

Okay, moving on… I finally got the pictures from our session at Olan Mills at the end of June. We didn’t have any family photos with our son, so it’s way past due. (Click the thumbs for a bigger size.)

JJ had his tongue out in the majority of his photos. So we did get a few good ones out of the 50. Well…I think that’s about it for this update. I’ll try to get back more often… Unfortunately, this is the end of my 10 day vacation.