The Happy Planner + More Stickers

The Happy Planner

Yesterday, I picked up the Happy Planner by Me And My Big Ideas from Hobby Lobby. They had a 40% off coupon available on their website, so I got it for a whopping $14.99!

After a week of using the, I decided that I wanted to go with something bigger. Really, I bought stickers and they are too big for the small…lol! I thought about getting the bigger, but those tabs… I kept adding the Erin Condren Life Planner to my cart, but couldn’t justify spending over $50 on a planner right now. I thought of so many reasons to get it, but I couldn’t sell myself on it.

Why I Chose The Happy Planner

It was, honestly, a last minute decision! I looked at many different planners, but none were perfect. I didn’t want to buy a bigger planner and not like it, so off to Joann’s I went. They didn’t have any, plus JJ got sick in the store. I made my way to Instagram and searched #thehappyplanner hashtag. Here I was falling in love with it.

The Happy PlannerI stumbled upon Hobby Lobby’s website where I saw the 40% off coupon that expired the same day. So off I went. Hobby Lobby is like… planner/scrapbook dreamland! I couldn’t decide on a cover at first, but I ultimately decided on the gold foil circles with the color date tabs.

What I Like About It: The size! It’s definitely big enough to fit my photos and stickers into. It has gold discs with cutout hearts, which can be replaced with larger discs. You can also add and remove pages, if needed. The version I have has laminated tabs, and it’s very colorful! It has the two-page monthly view and weekly view, as well.

Each week has a section for notes, which I’ve been using for inspirational quotes. The paper quality is amazing! I haven’t had any issues with my marker pens bleeding through! WIN!!! I was also able to write comfortably on pages with the cardboard stickers. Also, I love how I can fold it like a notebook for easier writing.

What I’m Not Sure About: The vertical layout. I want to use the Happy Planner the same way I intended to use the In case you missed it… That was using the weekly view for short journal entries. The Happy Planner has each day separated into three sections: morning, afternoon, and evening. That makes it a bit hard when writing posts. Currently, I have some of them covered with washi tape. As I get more into having a planner/journal, I’m sure I will figure out some better alternatives. Last, but not least… It doesn’t come with a band. That was a very easy fix, though. I bought an elastic hairband and superglued it on the back. Works perfectly!

Before I go

I can see the Happy Planner being the start of something great for me! I have another order from coming tomorrow. Now I just need to find somewhere to get 2×2 photos printed.

Target Beauty Box Unboxing

At the beginning of September, I saw a post on Instagram about Target’s Beauty Box. It was on sale for $5! I used my redCard and ended up getting an additional 5% off and free shipping!

What’s In The Beauty Box?

❣ Jane Carter Revitalizing Leave-In Conditioner
❣ Curls Créme Brule Whipped Curl Creme
❣ Dove Quench Absolute Crème Serum
❣ SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil
❣ Aquaphor Healing Ointment
❣ Colgate Optic White Platinum Express White Toothpaste

Unboxing The Beauty Box

I got this Beauty Box in hopes of finding some new products to use on my natural hair. It’s been at a stand still for me. I find myself not wanting to do anything with it these days. It takes too long to dry… Too long to twist… LOL! I’m rambling.

Anyway, the Beauty Box is sold out, now. I’m excited to start using some of these products!

Ban.Do (2015-2016 Planner) & Hauls

Ban.Do 2015-16 Planner

Hi there! This year, I decided that I wanted to get into planners again. I buy a planner every year, but I tend to stop using them after a month or so. When I came across the 17-month agenda, I just had to have it!

It took a week for it to arrive. During that time, I went on a couple of hauls at Michael’s and Target. I ended up with marker pens, tons of clips & stickers, and three rolls of washi tape! And here is where the addiction began…

michaels target haul

On my way home, I was already completing my first order from! They had a pretty awesome sale going on, but I kept it to just a few things.

Mini Review of the

First of all, the is super cute! It’s really colorful and has this list of quirky holidays that I never knew existed. I love that I can start using it immediately. The best part? It goes all the way to December 2016! I adore the horizontal layout, as well. It changed my entire focus for the planner. I decided to use the monthly view (2 page) for things that need to be done, while leaving the weekly view for journal entries. The horizontal layout gives me more than enough space for short journal entries. It can get a little messy, so I’m using washi tape to separate the entries. I also like being able to toss it in my Kate Spade bag.

What I don’t like? My marker pens bleed through to the next page. If I’m going to be writing a lot, I don’t need the extra mess of tiny dots from the previous page. The tabs aren’t laminated, so they are already starting to bend. I was also concerned about being able to close it once I add stickers and pictures. I was starting to regret getting the smaller version.

I’m going to give this some time to see how it goes, but so far, I’m in love! Be sure to check out the #plannerlife hashtag on Instagram! I promise that you’ll fall in love, too!

Fotodiox Macro Extension Tube Kit

Yesterday, I found a post on Clickin’ Moms about $12 macro. I love macro, so this was definitely something that I wanted to look into[1. I’m not ready for a macro lens]. The post was about Fotodiox Macro Extension Tubes. You attach them to the camera body, and then attach your lens to the other side of all three tubes or just one. There are three sizes: 7mm, 14mm, and 28mm. A lot of people said that their kit didn’t come with instructions, but mine did.

In the shots below, I used the 14mm with my new 50mm 1.8[2. Which I LOVE…like everyone said I would!]. I have to add that since the lens does not touch the camera body, you have to use manual focus, and there is no way to set the aperture.

via Instagram

Sunday Snapshot: {Let’s Get Serious}

I’m pretty excited about this week’s Sunday Snapshot!

It all started on Thursday morning. My husband and I were looking at some photos that I took, and I told him that I wanted to get a new lens and a Speedlite. We discussed me finally getting serious about my hobby. I was browsing blogs, and say a link for Clickin Moms[1. Photography forum for moms/women.]. I wanted to join last year, but I knew that I was going to be in an on/off relationship with my camera. I signed up minutes later, and I have no regrets about it.

The first thing I noticed is that a lot of photographers are big on editing. I hadn’t considered photo editing before Thursday. I decided to look more into it, and ended up purchasing Adobe PhotoShop Elements 11. So far I’ve discovered actions, channels, and levels. Here is my Sunday Snapshot. It’s a few of the photos that I edited on Friday/Saturday.


On Friday, my husband called to wake me up. He told me that I could order my 50mm f1.8 lens! I ran to the computer and purchased it through Amazon with Saturday delivery! When he came home from work, he let me order a Speedlite and some more SD cards. Now that he’s gone all out to support my hobby, I really want to keep at it.

I’ve been messing around with the 50mm since I got it. I think I prefer to use it with manual focus. It’s taking some time to get used to having to move around instead of being able to zoom, but the shots are worth it. The three shots to the right were all taken with the 50mm in natural light. Yes, I rearranged the empty bedroom/storage room so that I can have a place to practice natural light photography.

I’m really excited to make some progress with my photography. I’ve been snapping for years…saying that I’m going to take classes. This year is my year to make things happen. Determination.

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